Respons Grand Dimension

125.000,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: GrandDimension
Vægt: 170 kg.

Respons Loudspeakers skriver:

Since the first pair of Respons Grand were manufactures in 1983 our loudspeakers has been consistently known of its wonderful ability to reproduce recorded music with a neutral yet engaging presentation.  Over the years our loudspeakers have always amazed the most discriminating music lovers and accomplished musicians with a holographic three dimensional soundstage. With the introduction of the Grand Limited Edition in 2003 a major step forward in sound quality was achieved.
However since we never rest on our laurels and seek to produce the most natural sounding loudspeakers available, we are now proud to introduce a new generation of speakers based on a revolutionary filter technology called Dimension or D for Short. This new crossover along with some other noteworthy enhancements literally removes the physical presence of the loudspeakers from your listening environment and just delivers the music the way it was recorded with all of its natural splendor comparable to what audiophiles find appealing with tube electronics or analogue front ends.

Three-way, floor standing, full range bass-reflex design. The cabinet is a 50mm HD sandwich construction with viscoelastic layer.
1? Scan Speak, Ringradiator
5? Scan Speak, Mid
10? Scan Speak, Bass
Sensitivity: 2,83V 86dB/ m
Nominal impedance: 4Ohm

Frequency response:
28 Hz ? 40 kHz
 - High frequency response: Full level above 40kHz
- Echo free: 200 Hz ? 20kHz ± 1db
- Low frequency response: -3db 28Hz
Hand-built point-to-point wired crossover specified at 0,5% tolerance
Crossover slopes: 24 db/octave. Acoustical
Crossover frequencies: 350hz, 3500hz

0,5% tolerance matched propylene capacitor
0,5% tolerance Custom Air cored inductors
Temperature stable resistors
internal Wiring: Custom made
Connection: Rhodium Binding post from Cardas.

H: 112,0cm
W: 43,6cm
Depth: 54,5cm
Weight: 85 kg each
Shipping dimensions: 69x58x129cm
Volume: 0,515m3
Shipping Weight: 93kg